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Best Eco-Friendly Ganpati Idol in Mumbai, Pune & Ahmedabad

Blessings of Ganesha…Grow along with Plant

Don’t just bring Ganpati Bappa at your home, keep him with you forever in a plant form.


1. Select

2. Bring Home

2. Bring Home

Bring Home Eco-Friendly Ganpati

3. Worship

4. Visarjan

4. Visarjan

5. Blessed Soil

5. Blessed Soil

6. Grow a Plant

6. Grow a Plant

Select Ganpati Idol

Make a change and select Eco-Friendly Ganpati Idol this year.

Bring Home Ganpati

Bring Home Eco-Friendly Ganpati with same passion.

Worship Ganpati

Don’t compromise with your devation and emotions.

Visarjan at Home

Ganpati Idol dissolve in water within 30-45 mintues.

Blessed Soil

Collect Soil of Eco-Friendly Ganpati as Blessings.

Grow Plant

Grow giftted plant in pot and keep Ganpati blessing for long time.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Ganesh Idol

Eco-Friendly Ganesha is environment friendly. This Ganesh Idols are made up of natural red clay and organic colors.

100% Natural

Our Ganesh Idols are made of natural red clay

Easily Dissolvable

Ganesh Idols are 100% dissolvable in water

No Chemical

No harmful chemical, ink, colors, diamonds and Papers used

Solid & Durable

Ganesh Murti is Solid and Durable. It can last for long time.

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Approach

By bringing Eco-Friendly Ganpati Idol at home you are contributing towards nature and protecting environment & marine life.

Promote Environmental Safety

It is such an irony to note that the very idol we worship so dearly for 10 days, will eventually lie down near our feet, scattered all around the shores, being treated like trash.

Setting an Example for Everyone

By switching to such a noble cause, you create an example for people around you to make their switch as well. Do your bit to generate awareness and let the Nature smile!

Saves Water Resources

Immersing idols in water bodies causes contamination due to heavy metal and chemicals. Aquatic life gets endangered and a dead water body is formed.

Protects Human Health

Glitters, chemicals, and water contamination after immersion of idols are a health threat to human life.

Promoting & Supporting the Artists

You can keep the art and artist both alive by changing just the approach. It’s a win-win situation.

Easy Availability

Get your idols by easily booking them online and getting a hassle-free delivery.
Eco-Friendly Ganpati Idols

See What Our Customers Says

Last year we have safely delivered thousands of Eco-Friendly Ganpati across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune. All are customers are satisfied and delighted with our product and services.

Purchase Online

Save your time and book online with secured channel.

Home Delivery

Safe & Secure delivery to your doorstep.

Value for Money

We offers idols in most reasonable rates.

Credit/Debit Cards

Pay throught online banking, credit/debit cards and wallets.

Read FAQ’s to Know More…

Here are some frequently asked questions, which customers have before buying Eco-Friendly Ganpati.

In Which all Cities Eco-Friendly Ganapti Available?
Currently, for Ganesh Utsav 2021 we are accepting orders only from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune.
How can we book Eco-Friendly Ganapti?
You can book Eco-Friendly Ganapti from official website
What is the height of Eco-Friendly Ganapti Idol?
Eco-Friendly Ganpati idol is available in 12 inches, 15 inches and 18 inches height for Ganesh Utsav 2021 in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune.
What else is included with Eco-Friendly Ganapti Idol?
Along with Eco-Friendly Ganpati idol, you will get one potted plant, Clay pot and Surprise gift. You can re-use Ganpati idol’s clay after visarjan for plantation at home. In this way, you can keep Ganpati’s memories with you for a long time in the form of a Plant.
Do you provide home delivery?
Yes, we can deliver your Eco-Friendly Ganapti safely to your home. Delivery charges will be applicable additionally.
How to perform visarjan of Eco-Friendly Ganapti Idol?
Eco-Friendly Ganapti idol can be visarjit at home in any big pot, bucket or drum. You can also perform visarjan of Eco-Friendly Ganapti in lack, river, sea or pond. Idol is made of 100% natural red clay so it will not damage water body and environment.
Who operates is operated by Social Group called Kaambhari. Kaambhari’s mission is to encourage people to adopt eco-friendy approach and celebrate festival of ganapti.
Is there any guarantee of Ganpati Idol?
Yes, in case if you find Ganpati idol is broken or damaged then we can replace the idol. However, in this case you have to inform us at the time of delivery.
Will I get a refund on cancellation?
We are sorry to tell you but we do not provide any refund on cancellation. As our Ganapti idol are custom made on your order.