Save the Ocean and Lakes by Switching to Eco-friendly Ganpati

Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival celebrated all over India, marking the arrival of Ganeshji every year. It’s a celebration that unites people as one. Occasional exchange of hymns also takes place and some mouth-watering sweets like modaks are offered to Bappa. Usually, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated by placing Bappa’s idol at home or a public spot. But this year, things might change because of the pandemic. Now because of less human interaction with nature, rivers, lakes and other water bodies are much clearer and less contaminated. So let’s take a pledge to keep our water sources cleaner than before

As we’re all looking forward to having an eco-friendly environment, it is important that we do our bit. One way to an eco-friendly world is by replacing non-biodegradable substances with biodegradable ones. Non- biodegradable substances are objects that cannot be reused or recycled such as plastic. Another very harmful non-recyclable object is POP (Plaster of Paris). 

Since POP is a harmful substance, it can destroy our ecosystem if used in huge quantities. While on the contrary,  eco-friendly idols do not cause harm to anybody, get much easily dissolved in water and can be reused or recycled after.

Switching to eco-friendly Ganesh idols and preventing water pollution:

Protects water bodies:

Water is the main component of our existence. Thus, it is important to ensure the water we consume is safe and clean. As citizens of the nation, we need to eliminate substances we use in our daily lives that could lead to water contamination. One such substance is POP. POP Ganesh idols release harmful chemicals and heavy metallic substances when immersed in water. These chemicals could harm aquatic life and lead to endangerment.

However, Eco-friendly Ganesh idols don’t require gallons of water to be immersed. But in case, you choose to still immerse them in large water, you can be relieved as these won’t do any harm to species breathing under-water. Eco- friendly Ganpati idols are made up of clay or red soil, which can act as fertilizers to help plant growth. With the presence of just eco-friendly additives in these idols, they can help mother nature go green quickly.

Ensures Human Safety:

Human safety should be our utmost priority no matter what the occasion is! As eco-friendly Ganesh idols are made up of organic materials, it is completely safe to have one at home. There isn’t really any harm in buying a POP idol too. But when it’s time to immerse a POP idol in water, that is when you will regret your decision. POP idols are very harmful to nature and humans, especially non-vegan eaters. As people, we sometimes fail to realize what goes on underwater once the “Visarjan” of Bappa’s POP idol takes place. 

POP Idols go deep into the water and settle down beneath. The synthetic pearls, artificial colours present on these idols slowly then mix with water, which is consumed by fishes and other aquatic life. As non-vegan eaters, we tend to consume aquatic life. Though they’re cleaned spik and span, you can’t be completely sure about the inside, in case they’ve swallowed any POP.

Hence, it’s best to go eco-friendly. An organic Ganesh idol when left to drown in water, gets dissolved quickly without causing any harm to water species.

Easily Available

Eco-friendly Ganesh idols are made up of natural ingredients. As the natural additives required to sculpt the idol are easily available, it makes creation much easier.

And lastly, the question remains: How can you differentiate an Eco-Friendly Idol from a POP Idol?

Well, the answer to that is really simple, POP idols normally are lighter in weight and painted with glossy colours and glitter all over, while an Eco-Friendly Ganesh Idol is comparatively heavier due to the organic clay or soil used in its making. The colours painted on the idol don’t have as much gloss or shine to them, as some Ganesh idols are not painted at all while the coloured ones are painted using organic colours.

So say NO to POP idols! Yes to Eco-friendly Ganpati!