This Ganesh Festival Bring Home Eco-Friendly Ganpati…!!!
Now available at Mumbai

Join our Mission to Celebrate Ganesh Utsav in
Eco-Friendly Way this Year…!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

In Which all Cities Eco-Friendly Ganapti Available?

Currently, for Maghi Ganesh Utsav we are accepting orders only from Mumbai. However, for Ganesh Utsav 2021 our Eco-Friendly Ganpati will be available in Mumbai, Pune, and Ahmedabad.

How can we book Eco-Friendly Ganapti?

You can book Eco-Friendly Ganapti from official website

What is the height of Eco-Friendly Ganapti Idol?

Eco-Friendly Ganpati idol is available in 12 inches, 15 inches and 18 inches height for Maghi Ganesh Utsav in Mumbai.

What else is included with Eco-Friendly Ganapti Idol?

Along with Eco-Friendly Ganpati idol, you will get one potted plant. You can re-use Ganpati idol’s clay after visarjan for plantation. In this way, you can keep Ganpati’s memories with you for a long time in the form of a Plant.

Do you provide home delivery?

Yes, we can deliver your Eco-Friendly Ganapti safely to your home by taking a small charges of delivery.

How to perform visarjan of Eco-Friendly Ganapti Idol?

Eco-Friendly Ganapti idol can be visarjit at home in any big pot, bucket or drum. You can also perform visarjan of Eco-Friendly Ganapti in lack, river, sea or pond. Idol is made of 100% natural red clay so it will not damage water body and environment.

Who operates is operated by Social Group called Kaambhari. Kaambhari’s mission is to encourage people to adopt eco-friendy approach and celebrate festival of ganapti.

Is there any guarantee of Ganpati Idol?

Yes, in case if you find Ganpati idol is broken or damaged then we can replace the idol. However, in this case you have to inform us at the time of delivery.

Will I get a refund on cancellation?

We are sorry to tell you but we do not provide any refund on cancellation. As our Ganapti idol are custom made on your order.